Nationwide Campaign

Nationwide has an annual underwriting conference, and during the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 conference was a virtual event. Six Degrees was brought on to develop branding for the conference communication materials, including a landing page, web banners and a thank-you card for attendees. Special attention was paid to the letters “E and S,” as E&S represents Excess and Surplus, a specialty in the insurance industry. Six Degrees wanted to provide the campaign with a secondary meaning to E&S, while keeping the playfulness and energy for the conference campaign branding.


Insurance, B2B

Nationwide E&S


Art Direction
Digital Design
Print Design

As a team, we presented several options for campaign branding, which went through several iterations with stakeholder input until the final design was chosen.

The client chose the option they felt best embodied the spirit of the campaign, and the conference itself. From there, we developed all of the campaign materials.

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